With our own engineering department, we provide a full-service approach to heavy transportation and heavy lifting needs. Our engineers work closely with clients and their suppliers from planning through final delivery in order to provide the safest and most cost efficient Heavy Lifting and Transportation solutions.

Each case has its own specific parameters to be considered. Our Engineers, based on years of experience and know-how, design the transportation convoy or method of lifting according to the job-specific factors and apply the most appropriate solution for each scenario.

Main engineering and project/planning services that we provide to our clients include:

Equipment and Manpower Planning
Route Surveys
Site Surveys
Port Surveys
Heavy and Over Dimensional Cargoes Transportation Maneuver Simulations
Civil Work Cost Estimations
Lashing and Securing Calculations
Tractive Force Calculations
Trailer Stability Calculations
Bridge Structural Analysis and Calculations
Design of Bridge Strengthening Applications
Temporary Bridge Design and Calculations
Heavy Lifting Planning, Analysis and Calculations
Heavy and Over Dimensional Cargoes Stowage Plan and Calculations
Risk Assessment
All engineering calculations are being done by using the most common and up-to-date Codes and Softwares.