Heavy Lift & Transport

We provide industry trained engineers with a thorough knowledge and experience of safe lifting practice and with the least environmental impact. Specialists work with the clients engineering team to determine all aspects of the work and assess the facets of the lifts, the site, delivery location and mitigate risks to provide safe, time sensitive, environmentally considerate and economic solutions.

We offer a wide range of specialist lifting solutions for Heavy, Abnormal and Sensitive Cargo. The modern fleet consists of purpose-built and state of the art equipment, all of which is operated by well-trained experienced, certified and highly qualified operators. The fleet is extremely versatile, well maintained and equipped with the latest technology to ensure efficiency and safety on site.

Our commitment to our clients is working together to achieve the ultimate solutions to the most challenging projects. Our experience enables us to manage and execute projects, often in extreme conditions safely, in time, in budget and with the least disturbance to the environment.